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Learn what you need to focus on to move the needle in your conscious eCommerce business…now. So that you can communicate & connect with your real audience for predictable sales.

For Makers and Curators, who care about their product, purpose, people, planet, & profit.

Although you’re making sales, you’re doing all the things, wearing all the hats, and still feeling like you’re two steps behind. Even though you know you’re capable of life-changing growth, you can’t see HOW you’re going to scale your store to a whole new revenue and impact bracket when there’s currently no room left on your plate and no time left in your day.

Something needs to change. The question is… what?

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Gain an in-depth understanding of the 3 key pillars and how they apply to YOU, YOUR customer,  YOUR business & brand


Get a one-stop overview of how your brand & store is performing on each pillar and the specific building blocks


Know exactly your ONE key focus, specific to your businessto move forward and scale your store, 

What do you get?

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