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I help creative product-based business owners,
understand exactly how to

communicate & connect

with their online audience

— without wasting any more money on FB ads that don’t convert


6-week private mentorship

for the creative & conscious ecommerce business owners who want to communicate and connect with their online audience to get more sales - without wasting money on Facebook ads that don’t convert

(For Makers and Curators, on Shopify, who care about their product, purpose, people, planet, & profit)

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Work with me one-on-one to: 

increase your ecommerce sales by knowing exactly what to say, how to say it and keep bringing your audience back.

Start by applying for a free Store Brand Scan, to see if it’s the right fit for you. 

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In this 30 min. intensive, we assess your store, business & brand, on the 3 pillars of my Scale your Store framework, to help you  

1] define the unique value you offer your customer

2] develop a plan that is focused on bringing your audience back, again & again.

This store brand scan is for you, if you are serious about taking action and growing your product, ecommerce, business. 

As an ethical, creative, product-based business owner, earning $30,000/annual revenue, you’re ready to understand exactly how to communicate & connect with your online audience so that you can scale to 6-figures & beyond — without wasting time writing content that doesn’t convert


Hey there, I'm Monica.

Your Business & Brand Strategist. I bring together 16+ years of experience. Having worked with Fortune500 companies (across Brand Management, Strategy Consulting & Global Marketing), been hired by Google to coach their premium partners (7-figure scale-ups) and coached small business, conscious & creative, ecommerce, product entrepreneurs, some of are ready for the next level and others who hadn’t even made their first $10,000, before working with me. 

Dutch by birth, Indian by heritage, Global by choice. A creative thinker. A dancer. A chai addict. A mom of 2 girls.6

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what my clients have to say...

from nearly shutting down shop,
to £10,000 in the middle of a pandemic.

Vanessa Vinos

Luxuria Jewellery

A sustainable concept. Vanessa sells made-to-order, bold statement jewellery, made by women, for women. She was even considering to shut-down shop, barely making £2000/- a year for 3 years straight.

Within 6 months after working with me, on her irresistible brand, she made her BEST.MONTHS.EVER with a total of £10,000 (£5000 for 2 consecutive months) in the middle of a pandemic

“What an eye-opener. Monica pushed me to do things I didn’t want to do and it revealed how off-the-mark I was on certain aspects of my business, just working off assumptions.”

She got these results whilst working the least she ever did, turning off facebook ads that had been running for years and just used the time to do things her way. 

“After working with you I have been able to move forward in the way that works for me without jumping all over the place. I feel you ‘nurture’ and bring out the ability to trust our own self-realisations, which is huge because you can take that forward in biz and life.”

“ I literally took my foot of the gas…. It was just a complete mindset shift that became a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Vanessa was initially super reluctant to conduct 1-on-1 customer interviews. With coaching from me,  she reluctantly went ahead. 

“Well in the last year all those ‘interviewees’ have become repeat and regular customers. Why? Because they said they all felt I genuinely cared about what they had to say. I didn't expect that as I was doing those interviews for my own reasons.”

multiple winning products that sell out quickly

$5000, 53+ positive customer reviews and 12,000 engagements & 44 comments on Facebook for just one post.

Tina Bar-On


Tina has an online store, where she sells fair trade artisan finds for the modern home. She started a NEW online store. This time ready to do things differently. She hoped to start earning $10,000 a month, within 6 months. She already earned $5000 within ONE month of us working together, and since then has received over 53+ positive customer reviews. She has become so clear on her strategy, that she is able to choose multiple winning products that sell out quickly, with one even getting over 12,000 engagements and 44 comments on Facebook. 

“I can attribute my store growth and progress to really knowing my customer! You helped me to truly get to know them and focus on what I have to offer them. So I know what posts to create engagement on Facebook. These INSIGHTS inform my Facebook ad strategy which has allowed me to find multiple winning products that sell out quickly.”

Some more...

“She drills down to find the diamonds… I have certainly fallen back in love with my business.”

“...and when I was unsure whether to keep marketing my jewellery, I have had my best month of revenue this year.”

“I worked with Monica to hone my customer insights, brand vision and mission...It has been such an eye-opening exercise.”

“My mind is blown by how clearly I am thinking now about my brands & business….. Monica, you are so good at getting to the heart & soul of your clients.”

“I worked with Monica on my customer and brand strategy…. She just guides us through the process & then we’re like OH I ALREADY HAD THIS...”

Ready to shift from selling a product, to creating an experience?

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