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Work with me 1-on-1

build an irresistible brand

Stand out from the crowd
and attract your tribe

Build a strong foundation with
the 4 building blocks for
an irresistible brand --
why, customer, value, offer.
Ditch the overwhelm for
focus & clarity and go
from struggling to thriving.

Limited time offer to work with me 1-on-1.

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you deserve a business you love
to live the life you want

Your business is your passion. It has a true purpose. It’s close to your heart & mind. 

But hey, you also want to live life on your own terms, and are tired of all the hustling. Do you have to think twice before spending on anything related to your business? 

Your business, well shouldn’t feel like work (ok, at least not aaaall the time). You want your business to be built around your life; not the other way round. You want freedom

BUT, you’ve been struggling to make a decent profit. You are far from consistent monthly sales, or just not able to take it to the next level. Maybe even earning per year what you want to earn per month? Right?  BUT, when you sell, it even leads to repeat purchase. Yes, people who buy or use it, love it!

Sales calls, Facebook, Instagram, content, ads, operations….you feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done.

Have you also tried various programmes and courses (to build traffic or leads, get opt-ins…the whole funnel); you know, focusing completely on generating sales & leads? But you still don’t have the consistent monthly sales and especially profit? Tell me, honestly, how focused & consistent have you been with implementing all the ‘need to do’ actions? 

You’ve lost the excitement. You’re struggling to grow a profitable business. 

IT’S TIME TO CHANGE THAT…don’t you think?! 

That’s where I come in.
I want you to go from struggling to thriving.
I help you to ditch the overwhelm for focus & clarity.
I inspire & challenge you to do a business180

Take the first step to turnaround your business, TODAY. 

To build an irresistible brand so that you can stand out from the crowd & attract your tribe. 

Get the FREEDOM you want, whilst working on a business you LOVE.

hi there! a quick intro...

I’m Monica. Your business & brand consultant. 5+ years ago I left behind a corporate career of 10+ years and embarked on my entrepreneurial adventure. 

I’ve worked with corporates, Fortune500 companies, and entrepreneurs alike, across industries and regions, having had roles in Brand Management, Global Marketing & Strategy consulting. 

I’ve also had an online store, which taught me everything about online businesses and moving beyond failure. YES, I know what it is like when things are just not working out. And I saw many businesses stop, making the exact same mistakes. Ones that are easy to avoid. It’s the reason why I am so passionate about inspiring small businesses to build a profitable business. Starting with ditching the overwhelm for focus & clarity to enable you to build a successful, sustainable, business. An irresistible brand that will help you stand out from the crowd & attract your tribe.

This last year Google hired me to work with its premium partners that earn €1m+ revenue a year. I’ve adapted some of the same methods that I used with these scale-ups, to help struggling business owners like you to turnaround your business and grow. To finally start earning per month what you earn per year…..and more. To make sure you believe that “yes, it’s possible and I can do this”.                                                                                                           

fall in love with your business...
all over again

the foundation: build an irresistible brand

take the first step and turnaround your business,
with the 4 building blocks for a sustainable, profitable, business


WHY do you do what you do?


WHO is your IDEAL customer?


WHY should they buy from you?


HOW do you deliver this value?

What's inside the programme?

the foundation focuses on defining & aligning the the key building blocks that form the foundation for a profitable business -- an IRRESISTIBLE BRAND

Tap into your WHY

We will tap into your story & define WHY you do what you do — your purpose. Your personal story will help to

  • Increase engagement
  • Attract a loyal customer base
  • Clarify your messaging 

Understand your customer

We will (re)define WHO your IDEAL customer is, to:

  • Attract a loyal customer base
  • Charge a premium
  • Have lower costs of advertising
  • Be super focused with the time you have available

define your value

We will (re)define WHY your ideal customer should buy your product or service to:

  • Focus: which activities to do, and which not (your ‘north star’)
  • Choose the right product & services to offer
  • Clarify your messaging 
  • Attract higher quality leads
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Improve conversions

align your offer

We will (re)define HOW you will deliver this value, to your ideal customer to:

  • Be focused on a select product & services
  • Offer only what your customer truly wants and needs
  • Clarify your messaging
  • Have lower inventory (incase of a product based, business)
  • Have lower marketing & operational costs 

no more working from what you cobbled together on the back of a tissue, but we start from what your mission, vision and who your customer 'really' is


work with me 1-on-1

on the 4 building blocks customer, value & offer

what you get


workbooks with theory, examples & instructions


30 min

strategy intensive

1-on-1, 3-hour
strategy session


email support

are you ready to get started, and turnaround your business?
limited spots available
apply now


are you ready to turnaround your business?

Why do I have to start with a clarity call?

I always start a 1-on-1 programme with a free clarity call. Without any obligations. I want to ensure that this is the right fit for you. I’m honest and will not let you invest in something that I think is not right for the stage you are at. AND I want to ensure that you fully understand and are truly dedicated to do the work required. I’m there to guide you, but you have to do the work. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. So just click the button above to book this call. 


Is there are money-back guarantee ?

Once you register, and pay, you have 14-days to cancel the programme and are entitled to a full refund. This is only IF no materials have been shared and work hasn’t started. As all the materials are digital, you won’t be able to get a refund once these have been shared. 





I use zoom video for all the strategy sessions and have done these with clients as far as West Coast USA and Australia. If you are based in Amsterdam, a face-to-face strategy session is an option.


Absolutely. I will be happy to discuss the  options you have to continue to work with me, to take your business to the next level, after we are done with the foundation.

WHY ARE YOU OFFERING this limited time offer ?

I believe the foundation of any successful business are these 4 building blocks – customer, value, offer. Your unique value proposition is the centre of your business model. It is also one of the most common issues that I find a business has. I truly want to inspire struggling business owners to turnaround their business and believe that, in most cases, that is truly possible. But you have to start with this! 

who can I reach incase of any questions?

If you have specific questions about the programme please book the 30-min clarity call. For any other support related questions you me reach me at hello@businesswithmonica.com . 



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