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I inspire scaling businesses to take control of their growth. 

Focus on your ideal customer. Define what you stand for & the unique value they get. Align your offer. Create an action plan. 

Have a clear focus for growth AND align your team in ONE direction.

Are you ready to transform from a sales driven to a customer-value driven business & unlock growth? 

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Empowering B2B businesses, Technology companies and digital agencies to scale & grow

my story

I am Monica. A business & brand strategist, enabling scaling businesses like you, to take control of your business & grow. I work with B2B, tech companies & digital agencies.

I am a mom of 2 adorable & mischievous girls, love dancing, and am all about combining the magic of numbers, creativity and structure. Top it up with a good dose of intuition!

It’s been 4 years since I took the dive into the world of entrepreneurship, after 10+ years across Brand Development, Global Marketing & Strategy consulting with corporates. I had started with a webshop which I built, managed & marketed myself.  

When I stopped with my webshop I noticed many other businesses, big & small, go bankrupt, stop or keep running but not make any profit. Along the way I specifically met SMEs, especially in the B2B, technology & digital space, that are ready to scale & grow but do not have the resources and/or expertise to create clarity about that ONE direction. Some are already backed by investors, others exploring the option, whilst others are going strong on their own. But they all have one thing in common. They want to expand and increase their client base…fast.

It fired up my desire to empower businesses like yours to grow in a sustainable way and empower you to shift from a pure sales driven business to one focused on the benefits and value offered.

I would love to take you on this journey. Will you join me?

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what clients are saying

Monica helped out with projects for about 7 partners my team is managing, in order to give them Strategic Consults to sharpen or build their mission, vision, value proposition, strategy & team structures. Before we started I was afraid it would be a big (time/money) investment with little results. I couldn’t be more wrong. Monica did amazing, to the point sessions, tailor made for every individual partner. She has the extraordinary ability to let people open up and quickly grasp what is going on in an organisation. Moreover she is extremely structural in her analysis and recommendations. In her method she is very much focused on the actual implementation & to get things done afterwards. This has had an extremely positive impact. The partners were very satisfied but also we saw their businesses get more structure. This has impacted the sales numbers, employee satisfaction & service towards end customers enormously. I recommend Monica to everyone who needs an extremely strong strategy consultant. Who is able to quickly and efficiently analyze, restructure and implement changes at an organisation!
Google Strategic Partner Manager
Floris van de Peppel
Monica helped Omnia Retail to sharpen our value proposition. I am very happy with both the end result and the process that led to the end result. Internally, the process led to more clarity in the organisation and guaranteeing that everyone in our company is moving in the same direction. Externally, the end result ensures that we are explaining much better the value we create for retailers.​
Sander Roose
Omnia Retail
We got really valuable insights from the strategy session, that have already been converted into actionable initiatives. Initially I was concerned that the insight that we would get from the strategy session, would be difficult to convert to an operational level. But the model, including next steps, from Monica made it easy to prioritise which activities to implement. Based on that, also which departments and competences to involve. Monica ensured that there was close cooperation across different team members and Google representatives. She made a great facilitator, asking useful questions to make the best of the presented framework. This worked well as a foundation of discussing strengths, weaknesses, actual offering and competition. It ensured that we gained deeper common understanding of ourselves as a business and a confirmed definition of what we stand for as a company. Monica has great business knowledge and understanding, which makes her a great facilitator able to guide us within the framework and makes us reflect upon different aspects of the company offering and market situation. She asks challenging questions and helps us get to appropriate answers.
Jeppe G. Olsen
Raptor Services
We were excited to do a strategy session with an expert! We feel it was very good thing. It was good to see how quickly Monica got a hang of Custobar and could really spar with us and ensure that we focus! The best aspect was to also get in everything in writing, which helps us focus on what we need to do going forward. Monica is good at quickly grasping things and has the ability to squeeze out the essentials from a company.
Laura Ek
In just two sessions, Monica surprised us with her active approach during the workshops, which led us to thorough and quick conclusions and action points. The methods used have yielded more insights and progress than we had previously expected. The results so far are an x number of action points in further development. A beautiful result of actions taken from the outcome.
Sanne Kruis
The Next Ad
I worked several times with Monica. She supported us with dynamic workshops that helped us to shape our marketing strategy on several brands and in different industries. Her approach is that of moving from a theoretical framework to real life results, in an understandable strategy where everybody is thinking in the same direction. Accessible top consulting on marketing questions!
Sven Lievens