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A 6-week private mentorship for the creative & conscious ecommerce business owners, who want to communicate and connect with their real audience for predictable sales -without wasting money on Facebook ads that don’t convert.

For Makers and Curators, on Shopify, who care about their product, purpose, people, planet, & profit.

We’ll start with a complimentary Clarity Call. In this we’ll explore whether this solution & working together is the right fit for you and your business.

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Laurel grew her business by truly understanding her customers & what they want and then ditching Facebook ads for a way of marketing that worked for her and her audience (going on to 4X here sales over the next year.)

The average conversion in ecommerce is 1%. This means 99% of the people are leaving your store without buying. Imagine converting just 1% more.

Increase your ecommerce sales by knowing exactly what to say, how to say it and keep bringing your audience back.

You’ve been running your product-based business on Shopify for over a year now (maybe even longer), and you know people LOVE the products you sell. They’re buying — and they’re coming back for more.

You’ve steadily grown your email list and social media community because people love what you offer and stand for. It’s why you’ve been able to grow to a $5000+ monthly revenue.

You’ve intuitively created or curated products that people actually want. Your audience is buying from you and are even coming back for more. Yay for loyalty!

And yet… something feels off. You can’t quite put your finger on *what* that is; you just know you can’t continue doing all the things without seeing greater growth.

All whilst continuing to make or curate high quality, conscious products, updating your Shopify storefront, sorting out the manufacturing, packing everything up beautifully, and sending out orders with that personal touch you adore giving. Whew!

Your business is SO personal, and the relationships you have with your customers are too. In order to keep giving the level of product and customer service you’re known for and scale your Shopify store, something needs to change. The question is… what? Keep reading!

Vanessa went from £2k annual revenue, 3 years running and almost shutting her store to her best months ever in the middle of a pandemic (£10k+ over 2 months!) and has continued to scale to a multi-5-figure business.

Yes, your business is already making ripples in the world and your customers LOVE your products, but you’re ready to turn those ripples into waves.

You’re not solving a problem, you’re fulfilling a desire.
Every time I say this to a conscious ecommerce business owner, a lightbulb explodes. People won’t buy your product *just* because it’s high quality and a conscious, ethical, handmade, sustainable (etc.) product. This is the moment they realise that what needs to change is how they’re communicating with their customers.
That’s where I come in!

Your eCommerce brand mentor & consultant, for the creative & conscious, product business.⁠⁠ Let’s transform your business to one that both you & your customers love.

I bring together over 16+ years of experience:

Dutch by birth.⁠ Indian by heritage. Global by choice & education.⁠⁠⁠ A creative-analytical thinker.⁠ A dancer.⁠ A chai-fanatic .⁠ A mom of 2 girls.⁠⁠

We’ll start with a complimentary Clarity Call. In this we’ll explore whether this solution & working together is the right fit for you and your business.

The Scale your Store Private Mentorship is a 6-week process to show you exactly how to communicate, and connect with your online audience to get more sales – without wasting money on Facebook ads that don’t convert.

This is what’s going to allow YOU to slow down while your business picks up pace. You’re ready to take the right action, with the right help & guidance:

  • Blending together both creative & emotional marketing with analytical thinking.
  • Diving deep to get to the deeper meaning of what you’re saying, your customers are telling you and what your numbers are showing (Reading between the lines is my jam!)
  • Brainstorming creative ideas and solutions to scale your store.

When you work with me in Scale Your Store, you’ll go:

….to even falling in love with your business (all over again)!


Tina has been able to consistently select products that sell out. With one product post getting over 12,000 engagements and 44 comments on Facebook, including over 53+ positive customer reviews on her Shopify store.

Build an irresistible, conscious eCommerce brand that ⁠⁠

a bigger audience…

We’ll start with a complimentary Clarity Call. In this we’ll explore whether this solution & working together is the right fit for you and your business.

The Scale Your Store private mentorship

focuses on the key foundations for your business.

We create a brand + plan that will help you communicate with your audience in a way that moves them to take action, and keeps bringing them back for more.

A brand helps you connect with your audience.
A plan gets you from point A, where you are, to point B, where you want to be.

Your business, just like your products, is one-of-a-kind. Therefore these building blocks are completely applied to your business, your context & your customer. I hold your hand throughout the entire process, provide ongoing, one-on-one, support, whilst we work together & equip you with the tools & techniques to continue thriving without me, once we’re done.⁠⁠

Phase 1:
Lay the foundation

You’re selling so much more than a product. It’s a lifestyle. A movement. 

Transform your store to an irresistible, conscious, brand that defines why your audience should buy from you, so that competition becomes irrelevant in the mind of your customer.

  • Why: People buy from People and behind every small business, there’s a story worth knowing. Uncover your story.
  • Customer: How do you expect to attract more of them, if you don’t know who you’re speaking to? Discover who your customer is, and their true needs, wants & desires (with my signature Story Probing technique & the 4D questions to dive into not just what they’re saying, but also doing, thinking & feeling).
  • Value: People don’t buy your product. They buy the value you offer through your product. Define what makes you unique and why your customer should buy from you.
  • Product: Customers will tell you their goals, dreams, frustrations. Not the solution. You provide them with the products that deliver on their needs & wants. Align your products to your why, customer and value.

Phase 2:
Build a Plan

Rule of 7: the average number of times a potential customer must hear, see, or interact with your brand, before purchasing.

Build a 90-day action plan to bring your audience back to your store…again and again; a plan that guides your audience through the customer journey (attract, engage, convert and delight).

  • Destination: Commit to something for the long-run. Knowing that creating something meaningful takes time. Define where you want to be.
  • Jumping-off point: To know where you are going, you have to know where you are starting from. Discover where you are now (starting with the 7 numbers to take control of your store).
  • Lay-over: Plan for the long-term, but focus on the here & now. Decide where you need to be within a 1 year.
  • Steps: A goal without a plan is a dream. Detail out action steps, for the next 90 days

After completing both Phase 1 & 2, you’ll walk away with:

We do this through my 1:1 mentorship:

From trying to do it all (wholesale, online store & art festivals) to taking a decision to focus on her zone of genius and what she enjoys. Therefore completely stopping wholesale.

We’ll start with a complimentary Clarity Call. In this we’ll explore whether this solution & working together is the right fit for you and your business.

So are you a conscious product entrepreneur?

You are here to build something meaningful. A conscious product business. And you know and accept that it takes time to create something meaningful (heard of slow growth yet?). Transforming your business into one that allows you to live the life you want is really important, but you’re not here to maximise your profits at any cost, or create a business with the sole purpose of selling it.

Are you able to check of the 5 P’s?

(Bonus P: Hey, we’re not Perfect. You may not check all the boxes right now, but you are on your way to transforming your store into a conscious ecommerce brand that does.)

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This mentorship is for you if:

Your Investment

Spots are limited to allow me to give my clients my full dedicated attention.


  • To get started, book your complimentary Clarity Call.


  • To get started, book your complimentary Clarity Call.

So does one of these private mentorship spots have your name on it? 

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