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I always read, every email she sends... However, the one sent today spoke to me on a deeper level. It actually inspired me to look at email marketing differently. Instead of looking at email just to try to move more product, I'm looking at email to inform, and inspired my readers. If they look forward to my emails and open them with anticipation. The sales will come.
Thank you, Monica!


scale your store

The 3 pillar roadmap to help you understand the key building blocks to follow, to scale your store. Whether you’re growing to your first 6-figures, or scaling to 7-figures. Learn:

  • The building blocks to apply to your business
  • The common mistakes to avoid (and what to do instead)
  • Why all 3 pillars are important.


desires over demographics

Discover why your customer is really buying by using the Desires Over Demographics Framework. This will show you:

  • The 4 type of questions (4Ds) to ask your customer, to reveal their true needs, wants and desires
  • The ‘meaning’ of each type of question
  • A checklist for each type of question so that you know exactly what information to focus on

This is part of Pillar 1 in the Scale your Store roadmap.


Take control of your store

Not getting the level of engagement in your product business for the (marketing) efforts you’re putting in? This checklist will help you take control & create a plan to keep bringing your audience back, again & again. Learn:

  • The exact 7 numbers that give you a quick overview of how your business is performing and which area of your to focus on
  • What each number is and where to find it or how to calculate it

This is part of Pillar 2 in the Scale your Store roadmap.

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