Podcasts with Monica

Monica is a guest on and talks to leading ecommerce podcast hosts on how to use customer psychology to deepen your connection with your customers. To create a community of REAL people that trust you, buy from you, repeatedly, and tell others about you. A brand that is top of mind.

All for customer retention & loyalty. And even just navigating business & life. Plus so.much.more….

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Growth Strategy & Marketing

Your brand & growth mentor & coach, for the creative & conscious business owners – product business, ecommerce, retail.⁠⁠ Let’s deepen the connection you have with your customers, by elevating to a brand that is top of mind for your audience.

I bring together an MSc. Business Administration, major marketing, and over 18+ years of experience to help you with your brand positioning and growth strategy:

Dutch by birth.⁠ Indian by heritage. Global by choice & education.⁠⁠⁠ An intuitive-creative-analytical thinker.⁠ A dancer.⁠ A chai-fanatic .⁠ Raised by single mom. A mom of 2 girls..

Ready to shift to creating a deeper connection with your customers? Download the same 3-step plan I use with my private clients.