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Hey there, I'm Monica.

I’m your brand mentor & coach. I give high-touch mentorship for, established, creative & conscious, product, ecommerce & retail business owners who want a clearer, more focused vision for their brand. So that you communicate & connect with your REAL audience, without spinning your wheels on messaging, content, ads and tactics that don’t convert. So that you can impact even more people’s lives with your products – and feel like you have control over your own.

I bring together 18+ years of experience. Having: 

+ Worked with Fortune500 companies, across Brand Management, Strategy Consulting & Global Marketing

+ Been hired by Google to coach their premium partners – 7-figure scale-ups Tech, SaaS & agencies who work with eCommerce businesses

+ Take on fractional roles with with 8-9 figure conscious ecommerce businesses

+ Coach small business, creative conscious, product, ecommerce & retails entrepreneurs. Some on their way to their first 6-figures; others scaling to 7-figures.

Thanks to all this I bring in a diverse & inclusive perspective to the work we do. From having worked with big corporates, startups to small businesses, across regions & sectors, to my own very multicultural upbringing.

⁠Dutch by birth.⁠ Indian by heritage. Global by choice & education.⁠⁠⁠ An intuitive-creative-analytical thinker.⁠ A dancer.⁠ A chai fanatic.⁠ A mom of 2 girls.⁠⁠ 

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