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my story

I am Monica. A business & brand strategist, enabling ambitious entrepreneurs like you, to take control of your business & be profitable.

I am a mom of 2 adorable & mischievous girls, love dancing, and am all about combining the magic of numbers, creativity and structure. Top it up with a good dose of intuition!

I left a corporate career across Brand Development, Global Marketing & Strategy and took a dive into the world of entrepreneurship. I initially started with a webshop, whilst continuing to work freelance.

When I stopped with my webshop I noticed many other businesses, big & small, go bankrupt, stop or keep running but not make any profit. It fired up the desire to enable entrepreneurs build & grow a sustainable business.

I would love to take you on your journey to a sustainable business. Will you join me?

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what people are saying

Monica provided powerful insights into the most relevant financial and marketing numbers I should be tracking for my business. This was the first time I have had a business coach ask for my numbers and truly do a deep-dive into this aspect. From our first appointment she came fully prepared, looking at Google analytics and social media stats and provided a very detailed spreadsheet on what, how, when I should be tracking my marketing to ensure the most efficient use of my time. We also tracked the last 2 years of business financials, which provided solid insights on the best ROI helping me to get clear on my focus for 2019. Despite feeling a bit vulnerable, it was that last little bit I was missing to truly push my business forward in year 3 to making consistent monthly income, and managing my time to be doing the thing I love most, which is helping people get to the root cause of the DIS-EASE in their body and become CEO of their own health, vitality and well-being.
Shay Klomp Bueters
Contagiously Healthy
The session with Monica was an eye opener for us. It gave us an idea about various parameters and dimensions involved in a digital marketing campaign. Monica's depth of knowledge and experience was truly reflecting in her suggestions and advice during the session. The fact that Monica took her time and made sure that she understood our business model gave us the confidence that the advice and strategy being received is not just generic but tailored to our specific business. The greatest benefit we derived was the very potential of online and offline marketing strategies in a business like ours.
Farooq Abdul Khader
Shiva Yoga Center
Monica helped me get clarity about my focus and that, right now, it should be on my target audience. I am using this as we speak. I also started looking for "smarter" ways to make money. I realised the value of my abilities and that I could ask money for this. The session with Monica has greatly contributed to this and it is already bearing fruit (for example, by offering an advisory session for a reduced rate in a limited edition). Further, she opened my eyes to ideas to set up a membership programme and insights into how I can read my analytics. Working with Monica is for the person who is serious about their business. She is very focused, with a clear opinion, and tells you like it is.
Talita Kalloe

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