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Your ecommerce store is making a first impression on someone RIGHT NOW.

The question is: is it an impression that’s going to lead to a sale or lead them to the virtual doors of another store?⁠⁠

I know that you’re a conscious ecommerce business owner, driven by a deep desire to grow your store to multiple 6, or even 7, figures so that you can impact even more people’s lives with your productsand feel like you have more control over your own.

You’ve been running your product-based business on Shopify for a while, and you know people LOVE the products you sell. They’re buying — and they’re coming back for more. It’s why you’ve been able to grow to $8000+ revenue per month.

The problem? Although you’re making sales, you’re doing all the things, wearing all the hats, and still feeling like you’re two steps behind. Even though you know you’re capable of life-changing growth, you can’t see HOW you’re going to grow your store to a whole new revenue and impact bracket when there’s currently no room left on your plate and no time left in your day.

Here’s the hard truth: you’re not actually selling a product, you’re selling a lifestyle.
People buy your product for how it makes them feel.
Your brand is a movement.

And once you make strategic shifts in your business to align with that, you’ll go from chaotic days to predictable sales. You’ll be touching more lives — and be able to have dinner with your family every evening...well, if that's your thing 😉

You’ll go from wondering how to better communicate and deepen your connection with more people to knowing *exactly* what to say to sell to new customers and bring them back for more (without wasting money on FB ads that don’t convert).

Are you BEYOND ready to escape this sales plateau? Are you looking for a customer-centric ecommerce expert and brand mentor to guide you through the process of growing your store to multiple-6, or even 7 figures in a predictable, sustainable, meaningful, and enjoyable way?

From nearly shutting down shop, to her best months ever in the middle of a pandemic.

How a chai-loving, former corporate exec. became the leading voice
for conscious, customer-centric product businesses

Shopify Partner
Growth Strategy & Marketing

Your customer-centric brand & marketing mentor + coach. I provide high-touch mentorship and consulting to creative & conscious business owners – product, ecommerce & retail – who are ready to grow to the level they have realised is possible for them.

From a MSc. Business Administration, major Marketing, to over 18+ years of experience to help you with your brand positioning and growth strategy:

Thanks to all this I bring in a diverse & inclusive perspective to the work I do with you. From having worked with big corporates, start ups to small businesses, across regions & sectors, to my own very multicultural upbringing.

Dutch by birth.⁠ Indian by heritage. Global by choice & education.⁠⁠⁠ An intuitive-creative-analytical thinker.⁠ A dancer.⁠ A chai-fanatic.⁠ 

My inspiration? My mom. She single-handedly raised my sister and I in a country that wasn’t her own. 

And now, a mom of 2 girls myself, who make my world go around.⁠

As seen in

From Selling to Helping, and then ditching Facebook ads for a way of marketing that worked for her & her audience (going on to 4X her sales over the next year.)

If the average conversion in ecommerce is 1%, then 99% of the people are leaving your store without buying.

Imagine converting just 1% more

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Inside my signature customer-centric brand-growth mentorship, Move, we position + plan to help you better communicate with your audience in a way that moves them to take action, AND keeps bringing them back for more.


In phase 1, we position your brand so that it’s top of mind and has an emotional bond with your customers, with brand as tool. Nail your positioning!

In phase 2 we plan a data-driven, growth & marketing strategy, to bring your audience & customers back to your store…repeatedly. Plan on how to guide your audience through the customer journey!

In phase 3 we focus on taking consistent and intentional action, towards your goals, keeping your brand and key KPIs in mind.  And have fun. Press play!

Add a little magic ✨ by giving meaning to what you do - get to the heart & soul of your business & customers, and walk away with a plan you can take action on.

A clear vision for your business.

An incredible personal journey, reminding me why I show-up every day.

More than just a nudge in the right direction.

From losing yourself in your business to a clear goal and focus.

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A 12- week or 12-month private customer-centric brand & marketing mentorship to increase your ecommerce sales by knowing exactly what to say, how to say it and keep bringing your audience back.

Once you’ve completed the mentorship, you’ll feel 10 steps ahead rather than 2 steps behind, because you’ll know exactly how to grow your store to multiple-6 – even 7 – figures. Predictably and sustainably.  

You’ll feel secure that you’re doing the *right* things (instead of all the things). You’ll be financially securing your family’s future in the process. You’ll have achieved something incredible that nobody can take away from you (your legacy!). You’ll be impacting more people’s lives with your products. And you’ll have more time back to do the things you love outside of your business.

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